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What Makes the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Both a Luxury and Off-Road Vehicle

Are you looking for a large Toyota SUV that is stylish and luxurious, while also being a full-blown off-road vehicle? If so, Toyota has you covered with the 2017 Land Cruiser. This iconic design is more stylish than ever. It is also fully equipped to handle even the most intense off-road situations. Here are just three reasons why the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser is an SUV that is classy, functional, and rugged at the same time.

Everyday Driving in Comfort
You might buy a Land Cruiser because of its off-road capabilities and classy styling, but it is also…

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What’s New About the 2018 Toyota Tundra

You may think yourself to be familiar with Toyota trucks but, the new Toyota Tundra has tons of great features to add to the table. Toyotas are known for their perseverance, strength and durability which the manufacturing company has prided itself over for nearly 80 years. These kind words can be back by the fact that, of trucks sold in the past decade, approximately 88-91% of all Toyota Tundras are still operating.

Flashback: This covenant reputation and ongoing dedication earned Toyota full-sized trucks the Kelly Blue Book “Best Resale” award in 2016.

Today, we would like to present you with the facts on the features of the newest Toyota truck, the 2018 Tundra.

All New TRD Sport Trim
The Tundra has a well-earned reputation for off-road ruggedness, and this all-new Toyota Racing Development Sports trim level is a…

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Knowing When You’re Ready for a Land Cruiser

Many people thinking practically when researching Toyota models to buy, while many other idealist. In other words, some people want a vehicle that works well to get from A to B. And, the idealist are focused on a “good looking” vehicle and maybe lots of flash gadgets and features. On top of that, are you a car or truck type of person?

If you consider yourself somewhere in the middle in both scenarios then we may have good news. You can have the looks, luxury, and all-road capability if you choose to lease or own a Toyota Land Cruiser.

We visited Scott Clark Toyota near Charlotte NC a few weeks ago to get a closer look at this amazing SUV and bring you the best of what we found.

Safety First
First and foremost, let us talk about safety. The Land Cruiser comes standard with the…

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Here’s why the 2017 Toyota 86 is so Significant

The latest product of the Toyota factory, the 2017 Toyota 86 has already started to create ripples all over the world. Despite coming at an unbelievably cheap price, the sports car boasts high-end features that the more expensive new cars Matthews NC miss. One look, and this sport vehicle is all you’ll want! Here’s what makes the 2017 Toyota 86 so very popular the world over:

A Comfortable Ride with Sporty Looks

Designed to look the very embodiment of sexy and sporty, the 2017 Toyota 86 has…

5 Spring Vehicle Upkeep Tasks You Must Never Ever Skip

Nowadays, with the advances of modern motor oil mixes drivers do not have to bother changing their oil with the changing of the seasons. Even growing amounts of innovations there are still a few things you need to do in spring to get your used cars and truck all set for the warm temperatures. Some of them have to do with the weather condition, some you must do occasionally no matter what, however all them are necessary.

Inspect the Coolant System
Depending upon how far north you live, your car’s coolant system…

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A Few Signs That Suggest Your Toyota Requires a Tire Change

There are a number of systems and elements at work that keep you safe when on the road and behind the wheel of your Toyota. One of the most essential safety systems is something you might not expect: your tires. In the absence of proper tread, your tires can quickly end up being a risk while driving. Look for the following signs that suggest you need brand-new tires. If you know you need new tires, make sure to seek out local auto repair in Matthews to guarantee your safety.

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4 Big Signs That it is Time to Obtain a New Automobile

Motorists across the nation feel connected and devoted to their motor vehicles. However, these sensations aren’t always beneficial. If you’re holding on to a motor vehicle due to the fact that you like it a lot, even though it’s experiencing a great deal of issues, you are placing yourself, your occupants, and other motorists on the roadway at threat. The clues below might indicate it’s time to put your cherished automobile to rest and carry on to a much safer, more dependable alternative.

Consistent Repairs Needed
Having a vehicle fixed is seldom inexpensive, when you’re continuously at an auto repair center…

Keep Your Toyota Looking It’s Best

Are you the proud owner of a Toyota? Do you want to maintain it in good shape throughout the season? Well, here are a number of useful tips that will ensure that your car looks great and also performs as per the expectation.

Regular Wash

A car usually travels up and down rough terrain with an accumulation of either dust or mud, depending on the weather conditions. With regular washing, your car will be spotlessly clean from the outside which will make it quite attractive. Also, regular wash helps you to stumble across minute issues that you had not considered to be a problem before. Therefore, you will be able to keep your car in great condition while also maintaining the paint leaving it glossy and clean.

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